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Nordic built challenge - Ellebo Housing renovation Denmark
design team
chief architect pHD JACOPO FAVARA

Energy Improve insulation to reach the target nearly zero energy
Indoor quality Improve daylighting, acoustic wellness and air quality by small specific retrofitting operations
Passive design Improve solar gains by maximizing south oriented glass surface
Renewable sources Integrate PV systems 
Sustainability Reach a low life-cycle environmental impact by using a wooden structural system (Xlam panels) in the new extensions and also a dry construction system for the total reuse of materials 
Accessibility Full accessibility for all to ground floors and also bike accessibility to new extensions
Functionality Improve social interaction and common facilities for an updated way of life
Architecture A new design of buildings by rhythm and plasticity of shadows & lights
Feasibility Balance between reuse and new construction, to contain costs
Maintainability Simple technical solutions


1.Wall-windows renovation
Thermal and acoustic insulation of building envelope; Replacement of windows: new frames for a better tightness and new glasses for a better thermal-acoustic insulation.
2.Top ledge
Adding a top ledge for weather protection of plaster coat and for a design definition. More protection less maintenance.
3.Roof renovation
Thermal and acoustic insulation; roof gardens to improve the thermal mass and the water retention. The rainwater is conducted to storages for irrigation.
4.PV system integration
Photovoltaic system integrated in the new oriented roofs.
5.Basement east+north
Adding ramps and new entries for full accessibility of ground floor flats; Adding two bike parking for each flat.
6.Facade east+north
Adding balconies for kitchen service and for giving rhythm to facades.
7.Facade west+south
Increasing the thickness of solar verandas for a better use by inhabitants; increasing the openings between livingroom and veranda to improve daylighting.
8.Basement west+south
Adding private gardens for each flat of the ground floor.
Adding two layouts of penthouse, differents for dimension and orientation, each one having a private roof garden: Type 1: 2-room switchable in 3-room, Type 2: 4-room switchable in 5-room
10.Corner buildings
All the common facilities and the new entries of penthouse floor are located in these two buildings. The placement is due to the decision to enclose the court, creating a central space for social interaction. The corner buildings can possibly accommodate some additional flat. 
Each corner building contains: 1- access stairs to penthouse floor with a big lift for bycicles 2 - common laundry with relax area, ironing and drying area 3 - coworking open space and meeting room The corner building north contains: 4 - cafeteria with terrace 5 - kinder garden with outdoor space The corner building south contains: 4 - workshop bike repairs 5 - multifunctional hall (auditorium - party room)

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