Renovation of private residence and courtyard - Florence 
Architectural design, structural design e Works Direction
projet leader: arch. Micaela Giordano
with arch. Jacopo Favara, eng. Milton Biliotti, eng. Giacomo Piccinelli
Client: private
Cost: € 100.000,00

The project involves the transformation of a former warehouse-workshop in an ancient palace (XVI sec.) of the historic center of Florence.
The warehouse was the result of mergers, tampering, splitting and, above all, the annexation of part of a lodge closed with masonry; the environment was rather dark and it was an important choice to find the original light through replacement of the wall hanging with a large full-height glazing. The glazing is designed with a large opening portion for the purpose of accentuating the internal-external relationship and making the court as an integral part of the living area.
The project was designed to optimize the small space available, less than 40mq, by creating a loft for the wardrobe area and minimizing service spaces (bathroom and kitchenette) in favor of the living-loggia. Even the steel-laden steel staircase contributes to the exploitation of a generally under-used space.
Another design choice that allowed to amplify the light was to use light finishes: white walls, deliberately not plastered, stone frames and floors , both in light gray concrete, both in whitewood plank.
The only color touches are the yellow wall that divides the bathroom from the kitchen corner and the red carter hiding the existing pipes of building.
The project is also based on the external court of pertinence, creating a floral and perfumed outdoor with lavender pots and bitter orange, which also contain markers for soft notch lighting.

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