Zero energy development in Padua
Urban plan, landscape, architecture and energy design
Client: private (Venice)

with collaboration of  Arch. Alessandra Fagnani

The neighborough will be built on the outskirts of the town of Campodoro, adjacent to the sports field and basic public services, in a landscaped environment characterized by an agricultural dimension, made of cultivated fields, farms, paths. The area, served by the bicycle network, has been designed with solar maximization criteria, using recycled materials for urbanization works (pipes, road surfaces, pavements) and privileging soil permeability.

Technology is for sustainability and comfort. The design of the building shell is aimed at maximum performance efficiency in order to achieve the thermo-hygrometric and acoustic comfort in the home. This goal has been balanced with the focus on certified ecological materials, produced with environmentally friendly processes and with certified and non-toxic materials, with the study of simplified technical and plant solutions that reduce the costs of construction and maintenance. The main ECO-technology choice was to aim at a dry constructive system, which is reversibly assembled: from this choice result in the rapidity of construction (4 months instead of 12), no unexpected costs, the recyclability of all components.

The distribution of the dwellings responds to solar gain criteria, with the living area and the double bedroom facing south, to maximize winter heat; A deep loggia protects from the summer sun and extends the living room to the outside, ending with a Pompeian wood; The loggia can be transformed into a solar greenhouse, with glass windows. The wood of the structure is completely hidden inside, both to protect it from the weather and to recall the language of the Venetian tradition in a contemporary way, with the contrast between the dark facade and white frames around the windows, memory of the stone of Istria. The garage and the service spaces are located on the north face, to create a 'thermal buffer' over the cold winds.

The houses are located within a residence with a private access and a common area for parties and asylum, with garden and swimming pool.

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