Conservative Restoration of ancient pharmacy (XVIII sec.) in Florence, piazza San Felice
Architectural design
Client: San Felice s.r.l.

The two rear rooms were the workshop and library of the Grand Ducal pharmacy; from a historical, artistic and architectural point of view, they are two very important spaces: the decoration set, through real columns and trompe l'oeil columns, painted pillars and drapes, is intended to recreate a whole porch (on the ground floor) surmounted by a pergola (on the upper floor).
Connected by a double-volume vestibule illuminated by a large window,  these two rooms constitute a homogeneous spatial unit. Entering these two spaces, or rather, in this unique space splitted on two levels, it is like "going out" in an open and covered environment, where the internal-external, architecture-nature relationship, is mediated and balanced by classical architectural elements.

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